Andrew Denton

360 Movement Study 1.0 (2017)

How does 360 video capture, expose and challenge notions of embodiment?

360 video cameras allow for the moving dancing body to be captured in an embodied manner grasping at perceptions of place, space and scale, otherwise only experienced through live, site performance.  These movement studies experiment with notions of dancers being captured in VR from soloist perspectives later to be matched in post-production with their dancing “partners.” Three dancers determine their own relationship to space and the capture technology through an improvisational approach carried out to the final 360 capture.  Their solo practice informs their decision-making from studio improvisations through to post-production.

Three dancers in a studio are confined by four 90 degree quadrants of space, divided inside the dance studio. They are then composited together inside a 360-degree composition for playback in multiple formats (VR headset, Web download, panoramic projection). The dancers are guided by creative constraints, and improvisational techniques to construct four different movement studies designed to work individually and together depending on viewer choices.

Presented at: Web3D art gallery 100101010

Producer/Director: Andrew Denton

Producer/Choreographer: Jennifer Nikolai

Dancer Collaborators: Xinia Alderson, Jane Carter, Jennifer Nikolai

Music by: Avoid Avoid [Sonya Waters, Brendan Moran, & Stephen Reay]

Co-researcher: Gregory Bennett


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