Filip Michalski

MilkyWay 3D


MilkyWay 3D is interactive 3D map of The Milky Way Galaxy. It shows world from far away, showing us that human everyday worries are not as huge as we see them. For the majority of people exploring the Galaxy is impossible – my work gives them an opportunity to see into the Universe without leaving their homes. My project also gives the ability to be in-charge of solar system – You can change planets’ scale, rotation speed, show orbits or turn on constellation mode. MilkyWay3D is extended to Virtual Reality (VR) what bring brand new experience.

Filip Michalski - MilkyWay 3D
Filip Michalski – MilkyWay 3D

Filip Michalski

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Filip Michalski

University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland



Filip is a student of Applied Computer Science at University of Wroclaw with keen passion for programming. Currently he is one of two project leaders in CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) – SHINE (NA61) VR collision project. His task is to migrate eventBrowser into Virtual Reality.  The project is in running for the FizBit competition for the best software which aim is to popularize physics and astronomy. He has established collaboration with Virtaul Reality company from Wroclaw.

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