John Brumley

Compliant Gait

Digital alter egos are constructed through the various gestures, data, and objects we release into virtual space. Our own digital labours maintain such beings, and it is only through constant engagement with social media that the elusive memories of our own selves momentarily breach into the feeds of our followers and friends. In

Compliant Gait, an invisible creature is given temporary form through the labour of an audience. After connecting to a local wireless network, audience members can use their mobile phones to instantiate digital objects within the hull of the creature. These objects, one by one, fill the hollow shape of the creature’s body, revealing its form as it moves with compliant gait across a barren landscape.


John Brumley

Artists Profiles Square-16
John Brumley

University of Tsukuba, Japan



John Brumley was born in California, US //1985 and is currently living in Tsukuba, Japan. He is a graduate of UC Davis with a BA in Music Composition and received his MFA from the Design Media Arts program at UCLA. Brumley’s research focuses on using mixed reality systems to promote creative collaboration in physical space. His works gather contemporary skill sets and distractions into messy, disparate clumps of media. New virtuosities, outsourced memory, and the eminence of “weird trick” solutions have prompted further investigation into the memetics of the mediated physical world. Plotting moments where contemporary activities become irrevocably trapped in networks of subterranean fibre.

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