Matthew Martin

The Media on the Moon

A projected media moon installation about interconnecting two entities of massive impact to society; the moon and the online media web. In The Media on the Moon there is an attempt to further connect the two entities by having them strengthen and depend on each other. Conversations (tweets) on the event can be sent and displayed on the installation, causing the appearance of the digital moon to grow. The result is an online organic discussion between strangers, who have all converged around the ever-growing virtual moon.

Matthew Martin – The Media on the Moon

Matthew Martin

Artists Profiles Square-17
Matthew Martin

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand



Matthew Martin is a digital media artist and a show technician with a passion for working on and around productions of all kind. These interests include working in the performing arts space as well as experimenting with emerging digital technology. Over the years his work has developed towards audience-based interactions. He has completed a Masters in Creative Technologies and hosted projects at public events and exhibitions. He is seeking engaging work towards new trends and interactions with technology. See more of his work at

*Collaborator for The Media on the Moon: Jenna Gavin


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