Rocio Van Jungenfeld

zones of flow (II)

‘zones of flow (II)’ is a work-in-progress project which investigates the fluid connections between people, sea and land; the instantaneous but sometimes asynchronous connectivity between things and people as they move in and across digito-tangible environments. The project involves the projection and/or display of moving images of a water surface onto the exhibition space, and the potential display of objects associated with those water-based environments (e.g. buoys, compass). The moving images portraying flows on the surface of bodies of water such as oceans or ponds may be pre-recorded (minimum technical specs) or live-streamed (webcam).

For collection of visual experiments & public intervention in Azores for ‘zones of flow (I)’ see:

Rocio Van Jungenfeld

Artists Profiles Square-13
Rocio von Jungenfeld

School of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent



Rocio von Jungenfeld is a creative practitioner, media researcher and Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Kent. She studied arts, media and design in the UK, Germany and Spain, and her research interests are collaborative media production, contemporary and interdisciplinary art, hybrid environments, outdoor and mobile projections, and interaction design. She has presented her artistic, collaborative and research work in the UK, Europe, USA and China.


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