Yeohyun Anh

Being Ignored Version 1.0 and Mobile Application for Android Device

Collaboration between Yeohyun Ahn and Ge Jin

Work is an exploratory generative and interactive painting to raise awareness of the homeless people in Porter County, Indiana, in the United States. This was initiated by The Invisible Project, co-directed by Yeohyun Ahn, which is a mobile exhibition designed to increase public awareness and understanding of homelessness, in collaboration with Welcome Project at Valparaiso University and four area non-profits supporting the homelessness located in Valparaiso, Indiana. To implement the visual idea, I used Processing, a programing language for artists and designers, with a video library, Mirror, to detect faces through an external web camera. The visual style is inspired by Impressionism, which is a 19th century art movement that captures a moment in time, and Expressionism, such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream, which expresses a psychological theme. Later it has been developed as an application for Android Device in the collaboration with Dr. Ge Jin.


Yeohyun Anh

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Yeohyun Anh

Department of Communication, Digital Media Program, Valparaiso University. (Valpu) IN, USA



Yeohyun Ahn is an award winning interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary computational graphic artist and designer crossing boundaries among art, design, technology and journalism. She is chosen as 2017 design in cubation fellow, the juror’s choice award at the exhibition, IDEAs, at 2015 International Digital Media and Arts’ annual conference, 3rd prize at a national juried exhibition, art + science, in 2016, and graduate fellow at graphic design MFA program at Maryland Institute College of Art. Her works have published through the books,data driven graphic design, in 2016, type on screen, in 2016, and graphic design: the new basics, in 2012. Herworks have been featured through Washington Post, PRINT, New York Times Magazine, Letter Arts Review, the Creator’s Project,,,, etc. She worked as a freelancer graphic artist in the New York Times magazine. She taught at the School of Art Institute of Chicago and Chicago State University. Now she is an assistant professor at Valparaiso University. She taught at the School of Art Institute of Chicago and Chicago State

Ge Jin

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Ge Jin

Department of Computer Information Technology and Graphics, Purdue University Northwest, IN, USA


Professor Jin’s research and scholarship focuses are computer graphics, virtual reality, computer animation, medical data visualization, and educational game development. His recent externally funded project was titled, “Disaster Management and Communication System for Northwest Indiana.” He has also received an industry-sponsored project on, “Real-time Affective State Detection from Facial Images.”

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