Exhibition Programme

Exhibition Programme

Exhibition Wed 11th – Fri 27th October
(Opening Reception: 11 October 2017, 18:00)

Venue: North Spine Plaza, Media Art Nexus, NTU

The highlight of the art gallery is spectacular “Noise Aquarium”, collaborative project by featured artist and Professor Victoria Vesna, UCLA Department of Design Media Arts and Director of the Art|Sci Center at the School of the Arts and California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), and Alfred Vendl and Martina Fröschl Visualization Lab Angewandte – Digital Art, University of Applied Arts Vienna. The “Noise Aquarium” is highly interdisciplinary artist led effort with biologists, chemists, nano-toxicologists and an animator all working together towards a common goal – to raise consciousness about ocean pollutions. In addition following artists are featured: June Kim (UNSW) in collaboration with Tomasz Bednarz (UNSW Art & Design), Mateusz Marpi Marcinowski (Obscura San Francisco), Anastasia Tyurina, (MIET), Andrew Denton and Jennifer Nikolai (AUT), Rocio von Jungenfeld (EDA), John Brumley (EMP, University of Tsukuba), Matthew Martin (AUT), Yeohyun Ahn, (Valpu) in collaboration with Ge Jin (PNW), Filip Michalski (University of Wroclaw), Jed Segovia (Parsons), Mark Chavez (Giant Monster), Ina Conradi (ADM), Elke Reinhuber (ADM), Ross Adrian Williams (ADM), Al-Azmir Ibrahim (ADM), Zhang Longfei, (ADM), Debbie Ng, (ADM), Madeline Ngai (ADM), and Issac Ting (ADM), Wong Song Yu (ADM), Tan Kwang Boon (ADM).

The exhibition features works by 24 artists- the mediums range from VR to video and interactive works. Venue North Spine Plaza. The exhibition will be extended for the art works presented on the Media Art Nexus NTU till October 27th.

Screening Programme

Artists’ Selection

Noise Aquarium (2017)

by Victoria Vesna, Alfred Vendl and Martina Fröschl

Indeed (2017)

by June Kim

COLOUR 32 (2017)

by Anastasia Tyurina

Marpi x Archan Nair (2017)

by Mateusz Marpi Marcinowski and Archan Nair

Maratropa (2017)

by Mateusz Marpi Marcinowsk

Binary Garden (2017)

by Mateusz Marpi Marcinowski and Archan Nair

Compliant Gait (2017)

by John Brumley 

Being Ignored (2017)

by Yeohyun Ahn and Ge Jin

360 Movement Study 1.0 (2017)

by Andrew Denton and Jennifer Nikolai

Flight Pattern (2017)

by Andrew Denton

zones of flow (ii) (2017)

by Rocio von Jungenfeld


by Elke Evelin Reinhuber 

Secret Detours (2017) 

by Elke Evelin Reinhuber

The Media on the Moon (2016)

by Matthew Martin

The Rose (2016) 

by Mark Chavez and Ina Conradi

Students’ Selection

Three international Universities will be using Media Art Nexus NTU platform to showcase their works. University of Wroclaw, Poland , Parsons The New school, NY and Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media

Guernica 2.016 (2017)

by Jed Segovia

MilkyWay 3D – VR (2017)

by Filip Michalski

Streak (2017)

by Al-Azmir Ibrahim

The Creature (2017)

by Zhang Longfei

Flow (2017)

by Debbie Ng

In The Deep (2017)

by Issac Ting

Urban Circuitry (2016)

by Tan Kwang Boon

Fire and Ice (2017)

by Wong Song Yu

Migration (2016)  

by Madeline Ngai

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